Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Food Flat-Lay 2 - Sashimi Platter Feat. Pickled Daikon

At the start of July I came up with the idea of doing Food Flat-Lays as a way of featuring the pickles and preserves that I'd made.  The first one I did was a cheese platter and it's been a month since then - I got side tracked pickling!  But I've now done a couple more and will hopefully be doing them more regularly now.
I may have mentioned previously in my post about Pickled Daikon, that I can't get enough of Sashimi.  I recently went to the Sydney Fish Markets to get some seafood from my favourite fishmonger there, Claudio's, because I was cooking lunch for my folks.  I also decided to buy some sashimi and oysters to try with the pickled daikon for dinner.

The result is the platter above which includes:
  1. Pickled Daikon.  I was happy with how the pickled daikon turned out.  It was really similar to the pickled daikon you get at Japanese restaurants, but I'd say a little bit sharper and as a result, fresher on the palate.  The funky radish flavour along with the rice wine in the brine made it taste completely different from other pickles I've made, and the ginger in the brine makes it perfect for Japanese food.  My colleagues at work often order in some Japanese food from Wafu for lunch.  The food is really wholesome and delicious.  I gave a few of them jars of this daikon, which works really well with the food.  It also looks great.  The turmeric in the brine gives it a lovely yellow tinge on the plate.  Another batch I made which included some red radish filled the jar with the colours of a sunset.  
  2. Salmon Sashimi.  I love the flavour of raw salmon, which is oilier than Tuna or Kingfish.  It has a good bit of umami too.  
  3. Tuna Sashimi.  While I concede that Blue Fin Tuna stocks worldwide are at all time lows, and that we should be reducing our intake of Tuna generally... I do enjoy a bit of raw tuna when I can get hold of it.   Salmon doesn't quite compare to the delicate flavour of tuna.  This piece was a lean part of the Tuna, not the deliciously fatty Toro section.  But it really is like eating a mouthful of the ocean.  
  4. Oysters.  Medium Sydney Rocks.  Nothing better! 
  5. Seaweed Salad.  A perfect accompaniment.  


  1. Can't beat pickled daikon and sashimi. Waiting for pickled ginger next?

  2. What a perfect balance of flavours and textures! :D Claudio's is great isn't it? :)